air-conditioning pre-design

Pre - Design

With our experience and insight, we provide you with the best solutions for your air conditioning requirements. Pre-design services include consulting on client requirements, preparing estimates on capacity, providing suggestions for type and cost for Air-conditioning. Visiting and inspecting the premises for preliminary discussions and designing a Site-Plan. On Approval of preliminary design, we will co-ordinate with our team of designers and engineers to help prepare air-conditioning layout as per interior design.
air-conditioning design


Our team of designers and engineers will prepare the HVAC schematic layout and details in co-sordination with our consultant and Architectural & Structural Drawings. Designing services include preparation of heat load estimates of various floors. This will also include different Zones/Areas. Preparing detailed layouts indicating indoor machine location, AHU Rooms, duct design, piping design, etc.
air-conditioning execution


The actual execution of the plans for air conditioning occurs in this phase. We constantly monitor and supervise the progress on-site, coordinating with all other agencies working at site (In Consultation with Architect/Client). We work in tandem with other agencies to provide the best synergistic value to our clients. Inspection/Supervision of technical requirement as per our scope works. Ensure that work stays on schedule and in-scope. This stage also includes commissioning and handing over of A/C System. We also provide certification of end-product and submission of final bills in this stage.
air-conditioning support


The services offered in this phase include the following, which are post-sales support offered by us. Preparing and submitting drawings and warranty documents. Routine Maintenance of A/C Systems within the warranty period and attending to breakdown calls as required. Our recovery team is fast and efficient and can restore your units with a quick turnaround time.